Bonide Garden Naturals

Let’s face it: Gardening takes work. Lots of work, whether you’re gardening for food or gardening for beauty, or both. Sculpting nature into useful, nutritious food or works of art is in itself a bit of an art form, and as with any art, it requires the right tools. For too long, we have relied on synthetic, man-made fertilizers, insecticides, and other garden products to help plants grow and thrive; and they DO help. Very well, in fact. But their usefulness comes at a great cost to the environment. Gardeners have started turning back to time-tested, “old-fashioned” natural and organic gardening products. What they’re finding is that these natural products often work just as well as their more toxic counterparts. One company, Bonide, has a line of Garden Naturals, all-natural and organic gardening products for gardens of every shape and size.

Bonide: A History of Green

Bonide is a New York-based, family-owned and operated company founded over 80 years ago. Since the beginning, they’ve strived to create the best products for a variety of gardening issues, from proper plant nutrition to the control of harmful pests and weeds. In 2008, they took a “green turn” with the introduction of Garden Naturals, a full line of natural and organic gardening products.

Garden Naturals: Full Service Gardening Solutions

While it’s very easy, and usually quite inexpensive, to fertilize gardens and deal with issues such as pests and disease, the toxic nature of most commercially-available products makes them undesirable for gardeners who wish to tread more lightly on the planet. Natural, organic products, when they exist at all, are often difficult to find, and expensive to use. Bonide Garden Naturals helps solve all of these problems with a full line of garden products with ingredients sourced in nature, products that work but that don’t rely on harmful chemicals or petroleum-based materials.

Better yet, these natural Bonide products are widely available at garden and hardware stores nationwide, or online, at reasonable prices.

The line of Bonide Garden Naturals includes popular products such as insecticidal soaps to control insects, Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle traps, Neem Oil (insecticide and fungicide) Atlantis Fish Fertilizer made from Atlantic fish remains, Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew, Bon-Neem II broad spectrum fungicide, MAIZE Weed Preventer (made from corn gluten) and Go Away deer, rabbit and dog repellent. These products with broad applications, along with highly-specialized products (bat repellents and mouse traps, for example) make the Garden Naturals line a perfect choice for natural gardeners anywhere.

Bonide Garden Naturals: Good for Home Organic Gardening

Bonide Garden Naturals

There are many qualifications necessary for a product to be allowed on “official” organic gardens. It’s important to note that the Bonide Garden Naturals products are NOT certified as organic and are not allowed to be used on commercial organic fruit or vegetable plants. Garden Naturals products, however, are suitable as organic products used on flowers and plants grown by a home gardener for their own use.

Home gardening is a fun, relaxing, and very rewarding way to demonstrate your love for the natural world around. Take care of your plants and protect the planet by treating them with all-natural products.





bonide garden naturals
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