Container Gardening: An Introduction

Container Gardening

Container gardening is becoming more popular every year for those with little space or without the room for a traditional garden. It's a great 'green' way to add beauty or grow food in almost any location.

Container Gardens Booming

The popularity of container gardening has exploded in recent years, as people become more interested in spending time with nature in any form.

For people who live in urban or suburban areas with little space for a full-size garden, container gardening makes it possible to grow nutritious, organic food of their very own.

Container gardening also makes it possible to grow flowers and other beautiful plants anywhere; decks, patios, windows, rooftops, even fire escapes can become a home for nature.

In today's busy world, container gardening also gives people the opportunity to enjoy the world of gardening with very little time commitment. Flowers, plants, vegetables, herbs; all can be grown very easily in any location.

The Color and Beauty of Nature Anywhere

Container Gardening

Planters can be used to create ' bouquets with roots,' providing color anywhere, anytime. Container plants can also be easily changed out to provide bold seasonal changes in color and texture.

Container Gardens: 'Local' Food to the Extreme

More and more people are becoming concerned about our nation's food system. Large factory farms are producing food low in nutrition and grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides, then transported thousands of miles to reach our tables. The rise of the local food movement is creating demand for home-grown food, and container gardens allows anybody to grow their own delicious, nutritious food anywhere.

Growing and maintaining a healthy container garden isn't difficult, but there are important tips that will help the plants in containers thrive. These articles will help you get started, and help your container garden become the envy of the neighborhood.

Choosing a Container

Preparing a Container

Container Soil Preparation

For an even easier garden solution for limited spaces, check out the UrbMat by UrbnEarth. An all-in-one garden system with everything you need to start growing your own food, simply and in limited spaces.

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