In Search of the Best Deer Repellent?

Liquid Fence Deer Repellent
Liquid Fence Deer Repellent

When applied appropriately and at proper intervals, Liquid Fence will safely keep deer away from you yard and garden for several weeks.

Be sure to buy the substance in concentrate form, which will give you the most effective coverage for the least amount of money.

This product really needs to be re-applied every 3 to 4 weeks to advantageously repel these critters, but be sure to test the time interval in your own yard to determine the best timing for your area of the country.

Be aware though, that if you use overhead sprinkling systems or there is heavy rainfall after the application, you will have to re-apply after 2 weeks or so. Key to Deer Repellent qualities of this product is that you stay on-schedule with applications throughout the growing season.

For instance, if you forget an application, or would be late by several days to a week, you will most likely see the Deer returning for a midnight snack.

The Search For The Perfect Deer Repellent

After building a new home in the middle of five acres of woods, little did I realize that the home was placed right on the center of an old Deer trail. We had a ball watching all of the Deer that abounded in the woods. We even fed them to attract even more of them to our yard. This was a mistake and the dinner bell started to ring. By this time we had seas of Hosta planted in the yard and they were maturing very nicely.

Just about every Deer repellant product was tried including, sprays, sonic devices, sprinklers and on and on and without any success. Every time we tried something else they just came back with even more of their friends. After a number products that were tried, a product that was found to control our fuzzy friends and this was Liquid Fence Deer Repellent. It was somewhat expensive, but they had a 100% iron-clad money-back guarantee, so we thought, what do we have to lose?

Key to the Success - Spray Apply to All Leaf Surfaces

Liquid Fence Deer Repellent
Liquid Fence Deer Repellent

We applied it to the bottom and top of all the leaves that were exposed. And 800 plants later we were finished. After awaking the next morning, deer were spotted and expecting to see entire beds of Hosta mowed down to the ground, we naturally though that they now had completely finished off everything.

To my amazement, there was not one Hosta plant eaten. After close inspection of the borders, there was only one Hosta that had been chomped on and that was a single leaf, and the Deer even spit that out on the ground! Oh My Gosh! How amazing was that? Had we discover the magic bullet for a Deer Repellent?

Alright, you can probably tell the level of excitement that this product has given us, as it has saved years worth of planting for our extensive Hosta collections

. There are some things we don't like about it.

Dislikes of Liquid Fence Deer Repellent

As with other many other Deer Repellent liquids, this stuff really has a bad smell. So when you spray it you ought to avoid getting any on your clothes, if possible. also apply in no wind conditions. It Is Pretty Bad! On the other hand, the smell dissipates rather promptly. After just a couple of days of application, the smell will be almost gone.

The cost of the product is a different initial concern, and this is especially true if you have a great deal of plants to spray. If you buy the one gallon concentrate you will be able to treat about 800 Hosta with about 4 complete applications.

In working out the math, this equates to about $25 per application or about $150 per year. If you have a big yard like us, that is not a tremendous amount of money in order to save all of your plants.

Another caution you should be aware of is your sprayer ought to be cleaned out very thoroughly. You do that anyway don't you? :-) If the product is left in the garden sprayer and dries, it will be very difficult to remove. Additionally if left in the sprayer it stinks even more. It's rather easy to maintain the garden sprayer by just filling the tank with fresh water and spraying it for a few minutes and then clean the tank. Also, you have to be sure to apply the product on a very regular schedule or you risk the return of the Deer. Even going a few days too long will outcome in deer returning for a snack. As mentioned before, our experience has shown that 3 to 4 weeks was about right, but your experience could differ slightly.

Where Can It Be Purchased?

The premixed product can be purchased and many garden centers, but I have found the one gallon concentrate only online.

Looking for ways to additionally reduce Deer traffic to your yard and garden? Try Deer resistant plants. It can be somewhat surprising how many of these Deer resistant varieties there genuinely are. This is one way to practice eco-friendly Deer control, effectively and inexpensively.

What If You Have Pests Other Than Deer To Control?

Don't have Deer problems, but there are other critters you wish to repel in your garden? Liquid Fence has a product for whatever your needs are. Here are some of the animals they control: Dog & Cat, Goose, Mole, Rabbit, Snake. They also handle a Sprayer their product that worked very well. You will need to dedicate a garden spray just to applying this product.

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