The UrbMat by UrbnEarth

UrbMat by UrbnEarth: Green Home Landscape Source


Around the nation, and around the world, people are taking their food back from the large multinational corporations that are destroying the planet with their factory farms and chemical-intensive practices. Small-scale farms, farmers markets, and food from home gardens are popping up everywhere. Growing ones’ own food is the best way to make sure the food you eat is healthy, and as fresh as possible. Plus, it’s a fun, relaxing, and very rewarding activity. But what about those of us living in cities, apartments, or other areas where there’s just not a lot of room for a conventional garden? A new startup, UrbnEarth, has created the UrbMat, a fun, easy way to grow food in even the tightest spaces.

UrbMat: Gardening for Dummies

The UrbMat was designed to not only help gardeners with very little space maximize their gardens, it also makes it easy for first-time gardeners to get started growing their own food.

Many people who have never gardened before feel that getting started is a daunting, overwhelming job. What to plant? How to plant it? UrbMat takes all the guesswork out of starting a small garden. It’s a complete, out-of-the-box gardening system that contains everything you need to start growing. The main component of the UrbMat is, obviously, a labeled mat. The 3’ x 2’ mat is the perfect size for a small garden bed that can be conveniently located on a deck, patio, or anywhere you want your garden. The mat is a weed control barrier, allowing all of the soils’ nutrients to go into growing your food, not growing weeds. There’s built-in irrigation to make watering simple.

The UrbMat comes with labeled holes for 12 different companion-planted herbs and vegetables. The holes are sorted and spaced to give each plant optimum space and proximity to other plants that help it grow best.

The UrbMat Plants

UrbMat comes with twelve plant types, ready for planting. They are:

Arugula, Basil, Carrots, Catnip, Cilantro, Chard, Lettuce, Marigold, Parsley, Kale, Radish, and Spinach

The marigolds and catnip are included not as edible plants, but for the benefits they provide to the garden. The fact that they are attractive flowering plants is a bonus. Both plants work to control common garden pests, eliminating the need for toxic pesticides. Marigolds keep nematodes and worms away that feed off the plants’ roots. Catnip attracts lacewings, which eat aphids and mites that otherwise may damage the other garden plants. It’s a neat little symbiotic environment where all plants work together to thrive.

The UrbnEarth GrowUps

Perhaps the coolest part of the UrbMat are the GrowUp seed pods. These innovative little plant starters contain everything needed for your garden. They’re a mixture of chili powder, natural compost, worm castings, and non-GMO seeds in a clay base, all rolled up in a little ball. You simply press the GrowUp plant starters into the corresponding opening in the UrbMat, water, and watch them grow. All essential nutrients are provided, in a pod that discourages drying and retains vital

The GrowUp plant starter eliminates the need for digging, and increase the chances of your garden plants reaching maturity.

UrbMat comes with 12 GrowUp plant starters, which are also available separately, and in various combo packs (salsa garden, salad garden, herb garden).

UrbMat by UrbnEarth: Bringing Healthy Foods to the Masses

There’s no healthier food on the planet for you, your family, and the entire planet than the food you grow at home, with your own hands. The UrbMat makes it easier than ever for those new to gardening, or with restricted growing space, to get started gardening.

UrbnEarth makes UrbMat even better for the planet: With each UrbMat purchased, they donate to groups helping solve hunger issues in the U.S. including 2 Degrees Food and Feeding America.

For more information, visit UrbnEarth.

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