No Mow Grass

It's a perfect setting: a warm day, cold drink in hand, relaxing while the kids play in the lush, green lawn. But this idyllic scene doesn't create itself out of thin air; no, before you and the family can enjoy your perfect lawn, it must be MOWED.

I don't know where you live, but here in Michigan it sometimes seems like we spend every moment of nice, enjoyable weather pushing the mower around the yard in between rain showers. How many times I've been out in the heat, sweating profusely, cursing the very grass I was laboring to cut. It must be quite a sight to see, and I know many feel my pain.

Surely, we ask ourselves, in these advanced times we live in, someone, SOMEWHERE, could come up with a grass that would grow to a short height, and then stop, never needing to be mowed. Why, that must certainly be the stuff of science fiction, right?

Are you sitting down? Because not only does such a grass actually exist, you can have it in your very own yard, drastically reducing, even eliminating, the need to mow. Now that's progress.

Despite the environmental problems associated with a traditional lawn, many people enjoy the look and feel of a grass lawn, and the welcoming space it creates for the family.

Maintaining a well-manicured lawn takes a heavy toll on the environment. Most common lawn grasses require large amounts of water to stay green, lots of synthetic fertilizers and toxic herbicides and pesticides to feed and protect it, and mowing consumes fossil fuels and emits harmful pollutants into the air. Grass seed from the No-Mow Grass Company reduces all of these inputs while still giving you a healthy green lawn.

The No Mow Grass Advantage

No Mow Grass has a variety of seed options that can be spread over an existing lawn any time of year, taking over the lawn within a year or two, creating a lawn that is so low maintenance, it meets LEED requirements for low water usage. The No Mow Grass product will also require much less chemical usage and pollution due to reduced mowing.

The No Mow Grass contains unique grass seeds that produce plants that will reach a height of only 2 to 6 inches, growing sideways for a neat appearance. Typical grasses, as you know if you've left your lawn un-mowed for a couple of weeks, can grow to several feet. No Mow Grass seed costs only about $ .03 per square foot, and will continue to save money through reduced water, chemical and mowing needs. Most No Mow Grass lawns only need mowing about once a month during peak growing periods.

No Mow Grass for Different Climates

If you live in areas that experience hard freezes, you should select the Original Now Mow Grass or Improved BG Mix for High Traffic Areas. Hot and dry climates require the No Mow Grass Hot Dry Mix of Alpine fescue and supine bent mix.

How and When to Plant a No Mow Grass Lawn

Determining when to plant your No Mow Grass lawn depends on several things such as whether you are installing a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn, and if you live in warm or cool climates. The No Mow Grass seed company website has detailed information on how much seed you'll need, when to plant, as well as tips on maintaining a No Mow lawn and problem-solving information.

No Mow Grass is available for order directly from the website. The seed is available in 1 pound, 5 pound, and 25 pound bags. Prices vary depending on which seed your lawn will need.

Imagine that scene I described at the beginning of this article: the warm sun, the cool drink, the kids enjoying the lush green lawn. Now imagine that scene without all the hard work and hot sweat, with greatly reduced watering and chemical requirements.

Now Mow Grass is an ideal solution for those who want a traditional grass lawn, but are concerned about the environmental impact of maintaining it, and who would like to spend more time enjoying it rather than working on it.

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