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Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric Lawn Mower
Gas-powered lawn mowers do a great job, but they release a lot of pollution and are very noisy. Operating a gas mower for 1 hour emits the same amount of pollution as driving eight cars at 55 mph for that same hour!

Electric lawn mowers work just as well as gas powered models, but emit no pollution at all during their use. They are also much more quiet than gas mowers. The combination of no harmful exhaust fumes and less noise makes mowing a much more pleasant, and healthy, experience.

Learn more about electric law mowers HERE .

Mulching Lawn Mowers

Mulching Lawn Mower

Using a mulching lawn mower to cut your grass has several benefits over non-mulching. The mulch produced by these mowers provides vital nutrients to your lawn, reduces time (no bagging), and eliminates landfill waste.

Grass mulch also helps your lawn retain moisture and helps loßwer soil temperatures, reducing the need for irrigation. For more information about the benefits of mulching lawn mowers, see our article HERE.

Lawn Aeration

Spike Lawn Aerator

Lawn aeration is often overlooked as an important way to keep your lawn green and healthy. By punching holes in your lawn's soil, you greatly improve access to the grass' roots for water, oxygen, and nutrients to help your lawn thrive.

For great aeration tips and techniques that will give you a great looking, green lawn, be sure to visit our article Lawn Aeration.


Drought Resistant Grass

Drought Resistant Grass

There are many greener alternatives to a grass lawn, but many homeowners still want the traditional, attractive look of a lawn. To reduce the amount of water necessary to maintain a healthy green yard, plan ahead and plant a drought-resistant grass type in your yard.

Find out how to naturally save on your water bill with these great drought resistant grass that are available.

Read more about this in our article Drought Resistant Grass.

No Mow Grass

No Mow Grass

The typical American grass lawn take a heavy toll on the environment: heavy water usage, chemical fertilizer and pesticide/herbicide applications, and the pollution associated with lawn mowing. Maintaining a grass lawn also takes a lot of time and hard work.

No Mow Grass offers an alternative grass product that grows to only 2 to 6 inches, and grows sideways to create a nice, uniform lawn appearance without constant mowing. In addition to reduced mowing, No Mow Grass requires less water and chemicals to maintain a lush green look.

Consider Planting No Mow Grass.

Grass Alternatives

Grass Alternatives

Traditional grass lawns are beautiful but take a heavy toll on the environment: problems include pollution from mowing, excess water usage, and toxic fertilizer and pesticide usage. Grass lawn maintenance is also time intensive, consuming too much of your precious free time.

Alternatives to a grass lawn that can help minimize the financial, environmental, and time impacts include groundcover plants, clovers, ornamental grasses, and flower or shrub beds.

Consider Grass Alternatives for a lot less work and resource usage.

Lawn Edging Ideas

Lawn Edging Ideas

Lawn edging creates a nice transitional area between landscaped areas such as garden beds, grassy areas, and driveways or other paved surfaces. There are many edging options available, in a variety of style and price ranges. Options include plastic or metal edging, or more professional-looking edging materials such as concrete.

Keep your lawn looking neat and clean and minimize your maintenance. Consider some Lawn Edging Ideas for your landscape.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Organic Lawn Fertilizer

Commercially-available chemical fertilizers provide a quick green fix for your lawn, but do so at the expense of the long-term health of the lawn's soil, requiring ever more applications. Using a natural lawn fertilizer will work to create a healthy, living soil full of the microbes necessary for grass plants to grow and thrive, without the use of toxic, nonrenewable materials.

Keep your lawn looking green and healthy. Consider some Organic Lawn Fertilizer for your grass today!

Scotts Lawn Care Program

Scotts Lawn Care

Many people want a lush, green lawn but give it a lower priority in their busy lives. The Scotts Annual Lawn Care Program provides a simple, easy-to-use program of regular lawn feedings with products targeted to your specific lawn-type and time of season. Find out if this program works for your landscape by checking out our article.

Keep your lawn looking green and healthy. Consider Scotts Lawn Care Program for annual fertilizing and weed control advice.

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