Lawn Edging Ideas

So you've decided to reduce the environmental and time impacts of maintaining a large grass lawn by reducing the amount of grass in your yard; whether you've chosen to add flower or shrub beds, vegetable gardens, increased patio space, or other landscaped areas, you're going to need edging to keep these new areas separated from each other, and to give the whole yard a nice, clean appearance.

Lawn Edging Ideas - The Lawn Edging

The use of edging in your yard or garden areas creates a transition between garden beds, grassy areas, and areas like driveways, walkways, or patios. An edge that is properly installed and maintained adds a degree of professionalism to your landscaping, and helps to make each area easier to maintain.

As with most yard projects, there are many types of edging available to suit any preference, ranging from simply a line dug in the dirt to more complex edging such as stone, brick, concrete, or aluminum edging.

Types of Edging for Lawns

Placing edging in your yard can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. For a simple (and free!) edging, you can use a sharp spade to dig a 'V' shaped trench along the border. For more professional, decorative, and longer-lasting edging, you can dig out a trench along the border and line it with stones, pavers, or small fences.

Let's take a quick look at a few of the lawn edging materials available:

Lawn Edging Ideas - Plastic Edging

Plastic edging is a good choice for simple strip edging, a shallow barrier anchored beneath the ground in which only the very top of the edging is visible.

Strip edging works to subtly set the garden or flower bed and the lawn apart. Plastic edging works well, in that it is easy to create curves, is less expensive, and easy to install.

Some other advantages of plastic edging:

Lawn Edging Ideas - Metal Edging

For strength and durability, metal edging is an excellent option for around beds or other landscaped areas.

Metal is less pliable than plastic edging, and is best for straight, level applications. Metal edging is also quite easy to install.

Lawn Edging Ideas - Concrete Edging

Concrete edges are best used to help support paved areas like driveways, or other hard-surfaced areas such as patios.

Like plastic and metal edging, concrete also makes maintenance of any landscaped area easier. Concrete edging is more expensive than the simpler plastic or metal edging, but has several advantages:

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