Vermiculture - Providing a Healthy Home For Worm Composting

Vermiculture - Providing a Healthy Home For Your Worms

Vermiculture - You've got your worm bin all ready for its' new occupants, with lots of moist, humid bedding material.

You've got your little bundle of worms ready to move in. Now what?

Once you've got the worms situated in their new home by placing them on top of the moist bedding material, they're going to want to start eating.

Vermiculture - What Worms Eat

You can add any organic material to a worm composter that would go into a regular compost pile: kitchen scraps, lawn trimmings, garden plants, even paper. Most people simply use their worm composter to take care of kitchen scraps.

Worms love a variety of different things, and the more different types of things you feed them, the more nutritious your finished compost will be. Here are some of worms' favorite foods:

Worm Factory
Worm Composting - The Worm Factory 360

You can help worms get their composting job done quicker by chopping up food scraps before placing them in the bin. Chopping things up into 2 to 4 inch pieces helps the worms eat faster, but it's not necessary. Your hungry worms will do just fine on larger pieces of scraps, it just might take them a bit longer to get the job done.

Vermiculture - A Happy Worm is a Hungry Worm

Now that your worms are comfy in their new bedding with lots of delicious food scraps to eat, it's important to keep the worm bin environment as close to the natural worm world as possible to keep the worms healthy and eating. A worm bin that's working efficient should be sweet-smelling if it smells at all. Here are some important tips to keep the conditions optimal:

It isn't easy to keep a worm bin functioning properly and efficiently, but with any composting system, there are occasional issues that may arise. Read about troubleshooting your worm bin problems in our next article....

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