Ways To Conserve Water In Your Landscape

It may not come as a surprise that outdoor irrigation can quickly become a household's greatest use of water. Watering lawns, gardens and landscaping, washing cars, and other activities can easily require large amounts of water, running into the tens of thousands of gallons.

While there's no denying the appeal of healthy, green outdoor spaces, most of use realize that unlimited watering isn't the smart thing to do; it costs money and ends up wasting a lot of our earth's most precious (and finite) resource.

There are many ways to manage your home's outdoor water usage. We'll examine just a few strategies here.

Ways to Conserve Water - Lawn Maintenance

A lawn full of thick green grass is by far the largest single use of water in an average household. Here are some ways to use less water while still being able to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy lawn.

A great way to use less water in the yard is to shrink the size of your grass lawn and plant more water-friendly landscaping that includes lots of drought-resistant, native plants and trees.

For other ideas on maintaining a environmentally-friendly, healthy lawn, see our lawn care articles.

No Mow Grass
Grass Alternatives
Drought Resistant Grass
Lawn Aeration
Drought Resistant Grass

More Ways To Conserve Water

While the lawn is typically the largest source of outdoor water usage, there are other ways to cut back:

Rainwater Harvesting: Collecting the rainwater from your home's roof can supply a great deal of your outdoor water. See our articles on rainwater harvesting for more information. Rain Water Harvesting

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