Netafim Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation System
A Typical Drip Irrigation Layout

Netafim is a company that, since 1965, has been leading the way in the field of drip irrigation. Based on research that slow and steady drip irrigation directly to a plant's roots led to incredible plant growth, Netafim has been helping people around the world grow more food for an ever-increasing population while using less water in a world beset by chronic water shortages.

Green home and landscape designers are quickly discovering that the same drip irrigation technology that helps feed the world and conserve water can be utilized to help keep a home's outdoor spaces green and healthy with minimal water usage.

Why Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is simply the most efficient way to get critical water to landscape or garden plants. By applying a slow, steady trickle of water near to the plant's roots, where it's needed, less water is needed than with more traditional forms of irrigation such as sprinkling.

While it's important to design landscaping and gardens with native plants in mind, outdoor spaces in all areas need a little extra irrigation now and then. Water is our most precious resource, and unfortunately it's also among the world's most rapidly depleting resource. Green home plans should incorporate as many water-saving features and technologies as possible, both inside and outside the home.

Netafim Drip Irrigation Systems

Installing drip irrigation is an excellent way to achieve water-efficiencies in outdoor areas of the home; making an investment in a drip-irrigation system means using the highest-quality equipment available. Through years of green home designs, Green Home Source has found Netafim to be the best drip-irrigation systems available.

Netafim has been at the cutting edge of drip-irrigation for decades; their research and development of large agricultural irrigation systems has allowed them to transfer their expertise to smaller residential systems.

Netafim is also a strong advocate for universal water rights and environmental sustainability. Netafim is a signatory of the United Nations Water Mandate, and is an advocate for CO2 equilibrium in their industrialized agricultural projects.

Netafim has an extensive line of irrigation products designed to meet any landscape or gardening need, including irrigation for natural green roofs (Learn more about green roofs here.)

Netafim's smart-drip and micro-irrigation products utilize many water conservation technologies that dramatically lower water use while providing maximum moisture for your plants.

Whether you need to irrigate a garden, landscaping, trees or shrubs, Netafim's wide range of products will meet your specific criteria. Their irrigation products have features such as continuous sel-flushing for optimal performance, the widest range of dripper flow rates on the market, anti-siphon and anti-drain mechanisms, water pressure compensation, and 100% uniformity of water distribution.

All Netafim products are UV and heat-resistant for long-lasting performance, and are color-coded for easy identification of flow rates and use of non-potable water sources (such as harvested rainwater or greywater).

Green Home Source realizes how important healthy green outdoor spaces are to you; we also realize that water conservation is critical to the design of any green home. With a drip irrigation system by Netafim, you can realize both of these important goals.

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