The HYDROS Smart Irrigation Controller

Hydros Smart Irrigation System Sensor and Controller
The Hydros Controller and Sensor

The news continues to roll in from the American West and around the world: Massive droughts are taking their toll on ecosystems on a global scale. As the planet continues to get warmer, long serious droughts are expected to continue in many parts of the world. At the same time, there are times when we need, or simply want, to keep our outdoor areas watered and healthy and green. Technology may have a solution in the form of the new Hydros Smart Irrigation Controller, which learns and adapts to usage and weather conditions to use just the right amount of water, and no more.

Adaptive Controller Technology

Nothing says summer like the sound of a sprinkler tapping away on the lawn, while all the neighborhood kids run through it to beat the heat. Unfortunately, we are living in a world where cheap, abundant water is becoming more and more scarce, and we really can't afford to simply set the sprinkler in the yard and let it run for hours out in the heat of the day.

The Hydros Smart Irrigation Control system uses advanced sensor technology and Wi-Fi internet connectivity to save water. By "learning" about the conditions in the lawn in real time, the Hydros creates options for creating the most optimal watering schedule.

How the Hydros Controller Works

The Hydros Smart Irrigation Control system uses a number of small sensors, the number varying according to the size of the irrigated area, which are placed in the ground in each of up to 12 watering zones.

These sensors monitor a number of variables, including soil moisture levels, temperature, and sunlight conditions.

These Hydros sensors, which are low-profile enough to be placed in the ground and not obstruct lawn mowers, run on rechargeable batteries that last about 6 months between charges.

The Hydros Controller: The Brains of the Operation

The Hydros control module is where all the sensor data is compiled and used to create the best watering profile. Unlike typical lawn irrigation controllers, which must be programmed by hand, the Hydros controller is "self-scheduling" to take the job out of your human hands and let pure data drive the water conservation. The controller receives information from the sensors in the lawn, as well as the local weather forecast, historical weather data and averages, even data from other Hydros systems that are located in the vicinity. By combining all of this information with its unique "watering algorithms," the Hydros controller sets a schedule to use just the right amount of water, at the right time of day, to keep your lawn or garden sufficiently watered, while using much less water than traditional irrigation systems.

Eco-Benefits of the Hydro Smart Irrigation Controller System

The main goal of any automated irrigation system is to save water, and to do it automatically. Using the advanced technology built into its sensors and controller, the Hydros system is expected to reduce water usage by between 25% and 60% when compared to traditional "dumb" irrigation systems. The company expects that with these water savings, the upfront investment costs can be recovered in as little as 4 months.

Use the Hydros Smart Irrigation Control System to Water on the Go

The Hydros system also allows users to monitor and control the irrigation system from literally anywhere via its smartphone and iPad apps. These apps allow users to start an automatic watering schedule or to override the automated schedule to water manually if necessary.

Support Simple Elements to Make Hydros a Reality

The Hydros Smart Irrigation Controller system is being developed by a startup company called Simple Elements. The company is raising funds via a Kickstarter campaign, which allows interested customers to both support the development of the company and the Hydros system, as well as to be the first in line to get the Hydros sensors and controllers. Supporters of the Hydros project at the $160 level or higher will receive one Hydros controller and one Hydros sensor. The controller and additional sensors will be available to the public in March 2015.

To learn more about the Hydros Irrigation system from Simple Elements, or to become a backer, visit the Simple Elements Kickstarter Page.







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