GardeningTip #8: Weeding the Right Plants

Weeding is a necessary and important task for any type of garden. Some gardeners love spending time weeding, enjoying the tranquility of being among nature; others find it to be a chore and a nuisance. However you look at it, it's an important part of caring for a garden. But it is also important not to go overboard and accidentally weed out flowers and vegetables.

Weeds or Plants

Once a garden is established, and everything is flourishing and growing, keeping track of everything can start to get a little trickly. As you weed unwanted plants, it can be easy to accidentally grab something that you don't want pulled.... and pull it.

Identification is Key

The best way to keep track of what plants should be in the garden and which ones are unwanted visitors is to keep them properly and easily identified. Most commercial plants come with plastic identification cards, which carry the plants' name, information on growing them properly, as well as a very useful picture of the grown plant. Don't throw these out! They're meant to be placed in the garden next to the plants in order to keep them identified; use them this way and you'll be able to easily identify weeds .

If you've got garden plants that didn't come with pre-made tags, you can easily make your own. Put your arts & crafts hat on and get creative! Proper identification of your garden plants will help you learn very quickly which plants belong, and what plants are weeds that should be removed.

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